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In 2008 I ordered my first bundle of “virgin Brazilian hair” online from a website that had very popular reviews at the time (they are all but out of business now). My sister was getting married and our entire family was in town for the wedding. I saved up and booked a reputable stylist at a D.C. salon for both of us and the Brazilian hair was to be part of my wedding gift to my sister. I made sure to order the Brazilian hair three weeks before our salon date but as the weeks progressed I became nervous that the hair had not arrived. After a week I emailed the company and did not receive a response. After two weeks I called and was told my style of Brazilian hair was out of stock and that I could choose “virgin Peruvian hair” instead. Their hair reviews seemed good for the Peruvian weave, but of course it was an additional $350 on top of the almost $1500 I had already spent. So now I had been billed a total of $1850, but it was a once in a lifetime experience and it was for my sister. The hair FINALLY showed up after three weeks, on the day before our appointment. I was never so excited to get a package in the mail! When I opened the package, my heart dropped. After all the virgin hair reviews I had read and watched about Peruvian and Brazilian hair, I knew to test the hair for shedding and tangling. I washed the bundles with a parabin free tea seed oil shampoo (the best) and let them air dry. When I tried to brush the hair it IMMEDIATELY tangled and entire sections of hair started coming out of the wefts. It was like I could have made better hair myself! I thought to try and glue the wefts to stop the shedding, but the tangling was so bad it was beyond saving. I had been robbed for almost $2000 and I felt completely cheated and almost violated! The company refused to refund or exchange my purchase. On top of that, I didn’t even get the Brazilian hair that I had wanted!


With no other option, I head out to my local beauty supply store in S.E.Washington D.C. I had to bring my husband with me because I was worried about bringing so much cash (the store would not take a credit card for Brazilian hair purchases). While in the store my husband actually yelled at the man behind the counter because he was so rude. Where else would you go to spend thousands of dollars and the entire time you are in the store they are treating you like you are stealing something. If the entire experience wasn’t bad enough, when we came out of the store we found our back car window smashed and my son’s PSP had been stolen. At this point I was completely traumatized. The pack of Brazilian hair I purchased wasn’t the best, but the stylist made it work and we got through the day. Here’s where it gets interesting.


My husband has operated an import business and online marketing firm for years. After our experience he began asking lots of questions and doing research on Brazilian hair. A month later he was in India meeting with suppliers and factories that manufacturer virgin hair extensions. What he came back from India with BLEW MY MIND! For the same amount of money I spend on the horrible hair for my sister and I, he got the absolute best Brazilian hair I had every seen - enough for 10 sew-ins. The hair was soft and rich and the wefting quality was immaculate. The hair did not shed and after wearing the Brazilian hair through three sew-ins I never experienced a single tangle. I knew at that point how big this thing would be. We sourced enough hair to stock the shelves, ensuring every bundle of virgin Brazilian hair was of the highest standard. Our mission from the beginning was to provide women with not only the best possible product quality, but also a fare price and a customer service experience that has become extinct in our communities. Now, seven years later, Her Imports is the largest retailer of premium human hair weaves and extensions in the world. We employ over 100 people, and give back to our community religiously. We put women through college and donate free Brazilian hair and luxury sew-ins to victims of hair loss due to cancer. The industries top celebrities have noticed and use our products exclusively. See stylists for Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Kerry Washington right here on our page. See them raving about out quality products while they show you tips and tricks for the perfect virgin Brazilian hair sew-in. We have accomplished what we set out to do, and have changed the market world wide for quality Brazilian hair at affordable prices. It’s something we are very proud of, and we invite you to come see us in person at one of our twenty shops. Whether you order online or in-store, we will take good care of you. Thanks for your support family. We appreciate you!


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