Dry Shampoo - Instant Hair Beautifier

Dry Shampoo - Instant Hair Beautifier

One Thing To Freshen Up Without Spending An Hour At The Salon

There you are, running around. One thing after another..

This day seems to never end! To make things worse you walk by a mirror and notice your hair revolted and is now a complete mess!

Only if you were a movie star with your own stylist on stand by to tend to all your hair emergencies.

That Little Dirty Secret Stylists Don't Want You To know


Imagine next run in with hair gone crazy. You're calm as a cucumber.

You reach into the purse and you take out the secret weapon.

Dry Wash a water-free 'shampoo' combined with PURE MAGIC.

Armed with Dry Wash, you give your hair a quick spray, and like magic. Within few seconds...

Your hair is no longer angry with you, it looks clean and happy. Win win for everyone.

How to use:

Spray the underside of your hair and finger-comb through from top to bottom.

Your hair will look, feel and smell like it’s been to a salon for a complete makeover.

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