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Brazilian Deep Wave Closure 5x5
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Say goodbye to those bad hair days when your hair takes a ride to the quirks of the undead leaving you looking like a zombie. This 5X5 illusion deep wave closure comes devoid of that behavior, guaranteeing you stunning beauty every hour of the day. Why? Made from 100% virgin Remy hair making it almost immune to tangling and matting. The ultra-thick cuticles offer maximum strength against hair breakage and shedding. The bleached 5X5 lace will beautifully blend in with your hairline mimicking your natural hair to give you an authentic natural look and allowing you to style and part your hair easily. The virgin Remy hair allows you to apply your favorite hair care products including dying it to your heart’s desire. Do not shy away from straightening the hair as these deep waves are permanent and a simple wash can revert them to the initial wave pattern. While this wig has a long lifespan, sleeping under a mulberry silk bonnet and regularly washing with a paraben-free shampoo and conditioner will prolong the install.
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