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360 Illusion Frontal


Her Imports 360 Original Illusion™ Frontal

A Her Imports 360 Original Illusion™ Frontal combines the highest quality human remy hair with a proprietary patented Moroccan lace. This lace runs along your entire hair line around your head and is virtually undetectable when fitted. It can be further customized to your personal specifications. Like a perfectly tailored suit made to fit you exactly. This is available in Peruvian Body Wave, and is an excellent complement to either our Peruvian Body Wave or Brazilian Body Wave hair lines.

Here are your options:

Bleached knots:
We will use a 20 volume developer and lift (bleach) the anchor points of each strand of hair.

Custom hairline:
The front edge of the frontal is thinned out by hand to replicate your natural hair line which does not have a definite edge.

Tinted lace (light/tan/deep):
Our lace is virtually transparent but some customers prefer to color match the lace to their skin tone.

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